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The book "Góry Polski" (it means "Mountain of Poland") presents a few interesting details from the history of the development of all mountain ranges in Poland – from the Bieszczady to the Izerskie Mountains.

It is composed of 28 chapters – each of them is dedicated to a different mountain range. Each chapter is richly illustrated with many color photos. Some of the photos show places inaccessible to tourists.

The book is a repository of knowledge about mountain terrains and their history.

Where the highest situated railway station in Poland is, who the first person to cross the mountains non-stop from east to west was, how the trails were once marked, where the mountain chains or ladders are, where trails are closed to tourists, the remains of inexistent shelters or sightseeing towers that survived, what exists of the Karpacka road and Sudecka road, which peaks were climbed by saints or revolutionists, where the plans to set narrow-gauge railway were and at what distance are you able to see the mountains from the plains.

Those and many other interesting details of Polish mountains can be found in this book.

The book is richly filled with quotations and dates corresponding to the particular events.

Reviewers of the book are:

Krzysztof R. Mazurski, Prof.Ph.D. (Wroclaw University of Technology)

Jacek Potocki, Ph.D. (University of Economics in Jelenia Góra)

Andrzej Matuszczyk, B.Sc. (Climbing Centre PTTK in Kraków)

(Tranlated by Roman Pełka from Piekary Śląskie)